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Getting Started

Receiving care at home

What is Home Care?

Seniors want to stay and receive needed care at home. It contributes to familiarity and comfort. To remain safe at home, it requires planning and evaluation.

Home Health Care

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical Home Care

The important difference to know about home health care vs non-medical home care is the level of medically skilled care administered by home health care agencies

Physical Therapy

Home Health Care Services

The purpose of home health care is to treat an acute chronic illness, terminal sickness, an injury or post-surgery hospital or rehab event

Assistance with Personal Care

Non-Medical Home Care Services

Non-medical home care allows adults to age in place as they get older for as long as they remain in reasonably good health and they're safe.

Know Elder's Needs

How is Home Care Different from Other Care Options?

When choosing senior care options, weigh options and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of care services

Help at Home

When is Home Care Needed?

It's no surprise that close to 90% of seniors living in the U.S. want to age in place. Home care offers services that help seniors when needed.

What to Ask Hiring a Caregiver

Benefits of Home Care

The biggest advantage of in-home care for seniors; it allows older adults to age in place and avoid making the move to an institution

Having the Home Care Talk

Talking to a Loved One

One of the toughest conversations a family has with an aging relative is convincing them to get help

Choosing Home Care

Searching for Home Care

Selecting a Home Care Agency

Being a consumer, it's imperative that the research and due diligence is thorough before choosing and hiring help for care at home.

Understand Ratings Details

Medicare Quality Data

Understand the Medicare Quality Ratings for Home Care Agencies

Hospice at End-of-Life

Hospice Care

Hospice Care is available to individuals at the end-of-life stage to receive care at home, in a hospital, nursing home, or a private hospice facility.

Keep Loved Ones Safe at Home

Home Care Safety

Seniors and families choose home care over assisted living and nursing home facilities. When choosing home, be sure to make it safe.

Hiring a Home Health Aide

Considering Home Care Staff

When hiring a home care agency, consider if they're accredited and certified and is commited to certain performance standards

Paying for Home Care

Home Care Costs

Home Health Care Costs

The home care costs for each state are listed according the the cost of home health care in the state. The list of in home care cost allows you to see how the costs vary across the country.

Ways to Pay for Care

Ways to Pay for Home Care

Ways to pay for home care services, include out-of-pocket, health insurance policies, long-term care policies, Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare Plans

Medicare and Home Care

The home health care services that Medicare covers for patients at home have restrictions. Medicare does not cover in-home care.

State Home and Community Based Programs

Medicaid and Home Care

Medicaid home care coverages are not limited to medical care and the coverage doesn't run out when a an older person's medical condition stabilizes.

LTC Insurance for Home Care

Does Insurance Cover Home Care

To help cover potential long-term and senior care expenses, you'll find that only few insurance policies pay for the care costs.

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Stay at Home

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Stay Home

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Cover Home Care Costs

For Caregivers

Characteristics of Family Caregivers

Family Caregivers

Family caregivers provide daily living and medical help to a relative or friend at home, in a residential care setting; or medical facility

Role of Family Caregiver

The Role of Caregivers

The role of a family caregiver gives physical, emotional care and/or financial assistance to an aging relative, to an ill or disabled loved one

Find Support and Encouragement

Caregiving Tips

Family members and primary caregivers feel alone at times. But despite caregiving challenges, it's rewarding. To make the caregiving tasks easier, these tips will help.

For Staff and Owners

Home Care Jobs

Finding Home Care Jobs

With a rapid increase in the aging population, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates a 20% increase in caregiver and CNA jobs

Home Care Business Options

Opening a Home Care Agency

Home Care is the fastest growing segment of senior healthcare in America. Here are steps to take to open one