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Overall Rating 3.2 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★ a year ago

    Remarkable dedication to elderly care very kind and attentive

  • ★★★★★ 4 years ago

    My husband died in agoney under the care of this "Loving Caring" organization. They fired us very soon after I begged and begged them to please keep him comfortable. They eventually told me, "after hours just call an ambulance and have him sent to the hospital" They were so disrespectful to him he actually wept. They make a million dollars a year from each thrift store they run, make thousands off each patient (I got the billings paid after my husband died), and they are constantly asking for donations. Go out to their head quarters in Modesto, you can see where some of the monies going. They offered no extra care, They came once week and counted his pills! He's dying and their main concern was he might be over medicating. The medical director is lacking in any understanding of a families fears and confusion during the worst time in anyone's life.If your giving money to a hospice give it to a worthy one, such as Optima Hospice here in Modesto. They came at 2am 5am, when ever my husband was in distress. They bathed him, they medicated him where he was not at a level 10 as he was with the first agency. My regret? Not finding them first, and we only had them for a week and a half. Denise Cannistraci

  • ★★★★★ 5 years ago

    Approximately 6 years ago I was asked, and agreed to become a volunteer CH Foundation Board Member. At the time I hadn't any "Hospice Experiences" yet felt like I wanted to be a part of an organization that gives back to our community in such a necessary and valuable way. I had attended fund raisers and heard the basic message many times, but it wasn't until after I joined the Board that I really saw how important CH is. My Foundation work has focused on the "fun stuff" working on fund raisers primarilly. However, by association this requires the participant to really learn and understand what goes on in the world of hospice care. CH serves much of the Central Valley with a dedicated group of doctor's, nurses, admin. staff, etc.. everyone doing their best and always putting patients and their families first. At least that was what I had heard. In June of 2011 I found out first hand. My father, 82 at the time, suddenly became ill. Coughing and breathing difficulties lead us first to the hospital where we learned that he had a "spot" on one lung. More testing was scheduled and basic treatments were prescribed, but by weeks end the spot had grown into a mass. Within another week the mass had engulfed one lung and was spreading throughout his body. Diagnosed as cancer, it soon became obvious that Dad hadn't much time. Sensing the doctor's frustration I asked about hospice care. She was relieved that I broached the subject first, (as doctor's typically don't want to tell you there is nothing else they can do) and within minutes the hospital contacted Community Hospice and within a couple of hours Dad was on his way to the Alexander Cohen Hospice House. This is a 16 bed facility located in a quiet country setting in Hughson California. For years CH has been working to expedite the admittance process, and the coordinator involved in our case was excellent. This would prove to be very important as time was quickly running out. Barely consious, my father rested in one of ACHH's large private rooms, while my mother, brother, sister, in-laws, grandkids etc.. were allowed to come and be by his side during his final hours. He was able to say his "good-byes" and I love yous" before he slipped away peacefully on a Sunday morning. His stay lasted only 36 hours, but during that time the care he (and his family) received was remarkable. Dr. Pickel, The RN's and housekeeping staff were simply amazing. To clarify, my volunteerism had nothing to do with the care my Dad received. This is the level of professionalism CH strives for every day, in every case, and measures constantly. Admittedly, I could not be more proud of my association with CH, or the small impact I may have had, however, as a patient's family member I am much more grateful for the work that is done. No one is ever turned away, regardless of their ability to pay. I say this as often as I can, but to those that donate and/or volunteer for this organization - THANK YOU, the work can't be done without your help. This is a Non-Profit organization where results aren't measured in dollars, but in lives touched.

  • ★★★★★ 7 years ago

    When I started with Community Hospice I was hopeful they would help us to manage the last days of my grandmother's life. Unfortunately, they keep disappointing. #1) When we first started we had a respite care in a assisted living center pre-arranged. We were told it would be no problem. On the day she is to go for respite care, I get a call saying that hospice is not going to be able to follow her there. After I request to speak with the person who did the intake and the person who contradicted his approval and much angst and several hours later, I get a call back saying its' okay. #2) We made sure they knew when we would be picking her up from respite and bringing her back home, we also requested home care for bathing which did not need to start until after she came home. Nobody showed up so I called and asked what was up. On Thursday, a week after she had been home, I was told that there was a schedule problem and she would not be seen until the following week #3) We used the Alexander Cohen Hospice House for respite. So we pick her up and she is happy to come home. Her normal bath day (Tues) comes and goes, no calls. I think, they'll be here for sure on Thursday, right? Wrong. Thurs. I call and leave a message for the caregiver. No return call. Friday I call and talk to the triage nurse and ask him why we have not had an aide to the house to bathe my grandmother? He'll look into it and get back to me. No return call. Saturday, someone calls and asks if they can come do the bath. #7) My grandma is starting to show signs of distress, for the first time since we brought her home, 8 months, I have given her 4 ativan during the day(q4h). She is still restless, luckily no pain, but she cannot get comfortable (This is unusual behaviour for her.) They recommend haldol. No effect almost an hour later, so I call them back. Having taken care of my other grandmother when she was dying, I'm familiar with the wonders of ativan, the hospice I worked with then gave me ativan with much different instructions, instructions that WORKED for managing my grandmothers' discomfort...So I was hoping that Community Hospice would do the same. Nope. They said to try the haldol again, my grandmother, who is with it, said she didn't want it because it tasted so bad the first time. So I called the hospice back and they decided she needed a pill form of haldol. Now this is all taking time, time my grandmother is in discomfort... I don't care much for that, but they seem to have no problem with it. So I press the point of the ativan (it's here, i can give it to her right now, if I have some sort of guidelines and it will help NOW) so they call the doctor and low and behold they are going to call a prescription to the pharmacy for tablets of haldol. Since the first one didn't work for her, I asked how long it might take for her to see some relief... "It could take 4 doses..." WAIT - at 1 dose per hour x 4 doses... you mean it could take 4 hours????? And that is AFTER I pick it up from the pharmacy? And this is okay with you? It was not okay with me. If you have ventured to read this far you are a trooper! I am highly dissatisfied with Community Hospice. We may be leaving this one, but with the change in my grandma's condition, I'm worried about a shift, oh, and just so you know we have seen 5 different nurses (or would have if had I not told the new one we'd wait for the "regular" nurse to come out). (We've been on hospice for 8 weeks now.) Luckily the peole who to come to the house are generally nice.

  • ★★★★★ 3 years ago

    My Partner of 23 years Died Apr 24 2014 I called for counseling and was told they would call me back in 20min or the next day at the latest they did not call me back until two and a half weeks later....

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