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Overall Rating 2.9 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    My granddaughter had a severe sore throat. It was 2:15 on a Saturday afternoon. Tried urgent care facilities, they were all closed. Had never used St. John's emergency room before. We went there and was amazed at the care, friendliness of the staff, the speed of seeing her and of course the treatment (2 shots). The receptionist, the nurse and the doctor were very caring and friendly. When the need arises for urgent medical care, St John's is wonderful. Thanks to staff!

  • ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    I've taken my 2 yo daughter here since she was born & can honestly say we've had more negative experiences than positive. I feel like the doctors in the emergency room failed to take my concerns seriously. After a 3 hour wait to see a doctor (in an empty ER) I was told my child had hand foot & mouth. The doctor proceeded to tell me I should have just stayed home despite her 103.0deg temp and the last 6 hours she spent screaming in pain. I understand there is no treatment for HF&M, but it would have been nice to be treated with a little respect and understanding. The pediatric office I take my daughter to is also this building. It's good comprehensive care, but if your looking for a warm friendly environment I would consider going somewhere else.

  • ★★★★★ a month ago

    I took my four year daughter here for an accident that occurred at home. Our young dog who likes to play with her, had jumped on her back. She fell and cut her leg twice, with pants on. So this is the closest place to my,house and the pediatrician they go to is in the building. The er Doctor came in looked at it, and said it needs stitches. While standing there with her arms crossed, said to me your story doesn't add up with the wound so we are going to have you transferred to Childrens Mercy to have the child evaluated for child abuse. At this point, I was already upset my daughter had gotten hurt in the first place and then they accuse of such a ridiculous thing? After being being transferred the other Hospital was much nicer and Ss x,feel the same way about my story. I told them how rude the other place was and they said it's okay, I wouldn't bother with them anymore. Please don't waste your time with these rude doctors that aren't professional at all and don't understand that accidents happen sometimes. I plan on complaining to the hospital manager about this occurance. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone, not even my dog!!

  • ★★★★★ 4 months ago

    My 9 month old had a fever of 105 and was shaking and breathing funny. I gave her a dose of ibuprofen and decided since it was 2am I better take her in. My gut said St. Luke but since St John was closer I figured what the heck? I get there and no one is waiting but a guy is sitting in the spot where I needed to sit to register, marking it up (I guess) to the receptionist. He after a few seconds realized he was in the way and politely moved. Cool. Get registered and I wait...wait...wait to be seen. Remind you, I'm the only one waiting. Finally a nurse comes but she's behind the receptionist desk and don't know how to get to waiting room. The receptionist shows her and she comes around...lets he door close now don't know how to get door open from the waiting area. We finally get back there and get temps, blood pressure, etc recorded. Wait...wait...wait for Dr. He finally comes in then a nurse tell him he has a phone call and he leaves. Comes back... check my baby. Ear infection in both ears. Prescribes meds and tells nurse to administer dose of antibiotic since pharmacy is closed. Good, making process. Please tell me why nurse comes with 2.5 medicine applicators full of antibiotic? I asked "why so much"? Nurse: that's what Dr. prescribed. "But that's A LOT"! Nurse: that's how much she needs. Then proceeds to administer to meds but my baby wouldn't take it so I had to do it. Halfway through the first she says "wait"! Ella me to give a bit more then takes it and squirts the other 1.5 applicators back in the bottle (thankfully she didn't squirt the one my daughter used back). So in reality she only needed half of an applicator. What did the nurse say? "Well that would have cleared that infection right on up"! Ummm no mam. That's not how it works. I was so thankful to be out of there! I THOUGHT the Dr was the only one that had a clue until I got home and could not comprehend his instructions and I'm not sure who labeled my 9 month old as a child with an ear infection and an adult fever. Huh? I'm pretty sure it was the Dr. If you have a life threatening issue I seriously do not recommend this ER. If the staff were monkeying around with a simple common ear infection, you may not make it out of there alive.

  • ★★★★★ 4 months ago

    Please read ALL as I had to calm down before wrighting this. I was just released from the hospital from 4 days of treatment and fear. #1 a young white female dr with short black hair saw me after I waited 3 1/2 hours... no, the St Johns ER was not busy, it was actually quite slow. Her name has something like Khoawli or close to that. #2 everyone knows ER 101 is urinalysis..she never ordered one... or it would have shown I was loosing danger amount of protiens #3 she was mad that the staff sent off my labs and exray when she didn't want that to happen. She felt I was being dramatic and just overreacting and overweight. I had actually been urinating out my muscles! It's actually a thing. Traumatizing! Keratosis is the word for it. I gained 46 lbs of swelling and fluid due to my liver enzymes being 3x the safe limit. I also now have kidney damage. #4we will be suing for neglect as I could have died the following night if My wife hadn't called my pcp and said this can't be right when I was fine and now I can't walk and am in crippling pain. Luckily Melanie watts is and amazing physician at dr christiano! I was admitted that night. Never again. That Newbie Dr is never getting her residency if she continues this way. I hope you don't have a life or death issue if you are going there. Updated equipment doesn't mean good care. The Hospital itself was a bit better but beware... the daytime shifts are JERKS and don't care but night time has been awesome

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