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Overall Rating 3.5 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • Lexi Adams ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    For the most part, I enjoyed this program. I was in the inpatient unit a few times, and while I was there, I received pretty good care and short-term treatment. However, I do have a couple of complaints. For one thing, the type of treatment that one receives in this program is not very transition-oriented. The psychiatrists have a tendency to treat patients as if nothing has changed from the previous day. I cannot recall a time when I was asked "What can we/you do to ensure that you have a better home life?" This may have been because they discharged patients almost randomly. My other complaint is that whenever patients were acting up and/or being aggressive, a code was called throughout the entire hospital. I get that they might need assistance, but I believe that they could have implemented a system that lets the right people know without having the entire hospital know that a patient is acting up. But, the program did help me, at least short-term. Therefore, I give this place three stars. Summary: Care was good, but post-discharge plans weren't. Some minor privacy issues.

  • Jason Paris ★★★★★ a month ago

    Got adopted here life turned out great !

  • Alden draws ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    The staff at Franciscan children's are some of the most unprofessional individuals I have ever had the displeasure of meeting I can honestly say that the staff do not understand what the patients are going through and therefore do not know how to properly treat them if I had to sum it up the staff are more like babysitters than anything else The facility at Franciscan children's is small and uncomfortable I constantly felt like there were too many people being put into one room The schedule at Franciscan children's is cramped with long periods of patients being unnecessarily forced into their rooms never did I find the schedule helpful as events were never on time overall I felt like there was definitely room for improvement in the schedule The food was nasty My thoughts Franciscan children's they do not understand that they are dealing with kids lives what they do their effects I do not at all thank you for reading and have a wonderful day

  • Daniel Thomas ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    HORRIBLE!! They are over booked, understaffed, and lacking in time as well as compassion. If you are looking for the time it takes to give proper care and attention to your child/children's dental needs, consider a different place such as children's. Front end office was completely disorganized, appoint was mixed up and wrong dates and times were given. The actual appointment they took 10 min looked in my child's mouth and left her with a exposed nerve, no X-rays were taken and rather then give her a temporary filling, and then scheduled us for three months out. The reason for not giving a temp filling was because they didn't want the extra work of removing it at the next appointment. Of course the very next week my child was swelling and complaining about pain, crying and sleeping. We called and they told us would try to schedule appojment. We called back the next day and they said we missed the appoinent. Turns out, they were calling the wrong number. When I went to complain, I was given an office manager, who was dismissive and condescending. Instead of shifting things to see my child as an emergency, they ordered penicillin and scheduled her out for another two months. At the time of writing this, my child's tooth is in danger of having to be pulled as an emergency rather then saved as it could have been if a temporary filling was a fixed. Not to mention all of the pain it is causing her. All of this so a dentist wouldn't have to remove the temp filling at the next appointment. Patients best interest or is this a case of trying to manage an over burdened work load? I was given the name and number of Amanda who is some sort of advacate employed by the hospital. It seems they have a well arranged escalation process, that is choreographed to defuse complaints, reminicent of a used car salesmen who referres you to his management for better treatment and deals, while the reality is they all want to sell you the car. I'm a father, not unreasonable, educated enough to know manners and respect. I am not writing this to "hurt" the finances of a business, I'm writing this to you mom and you dad who are looking for the best care and atmosphere for your child/children when they need it most, you can do better then this place!

  • Giovanni Melody ★★★★★ 6 months ago

    Watch your child extremely close in the dental department . The dentist performing sedation procedures should not me working at a hospital / facility that specializes in working directly with children . Not compassionate. Extremely unprofessional. I brang my child to this hospital because it was recommended highly and is a children's hospital , I have quickly found out that every visit it kept on getting worse . My son is extremely sensitive when it comes to dental work, if I wanted to traumatized my child I wouldn't have drove an hour away to go to a hospital that I thought would definitely be looking out for the best interest of my child . Instead my child is screaming and crying at the top of his lungs for over 15 minutes before I finally went in to the room to witness my child straight jacket / restrained down to the chair . Not one employee came to get me as my son is freaking out . So it wasn't a pleasant situation to be in .Every other child that was there regardless of the extent of the sedation was all there for the same reasons , and was in and out of quickly ( that's right it must be because of my insurance ) My son is only 7 years old . I don't want him traumatized from getting strapped down to the chair and basically powerless and his screams and cry's were obviosuly being ignored by the team . The dentist not making situations any better has a very poor attitude . Very spiteful way of communication and extremely negative attitude . Another thing is he very spiteful and said something about my insurance probably not being able to cover the next step up of sedation and saying it's so much money out of pocket can I afford that out of pocket . It was an extremely rude and spiteful manner that I couldn't beileve a provider that works with children could have that type of mindset.Horrible experience for me as a mother to go through and for a child as well .Try being a little more compassionate and caring to your patients there children there impressionable they are nervous and as we all do know having dental work isn't the most pleasant experience to go through as adults so how do you think a child feels. I honestly wouldn't want any one to experience what me and my son went through or even worse !

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Medicare Evaluation of the Quality of Care

The quality of care given at Franciscan Home Care is periodically evaluated by Medicare. The results of the most recent evaluation period are listed below to help you compare home care agencies in your area. More Info

Among patients with a recent hospital stay, the number of patients at this agency that were re-admitted to the hospital was not available and the number that went to the ER without being re-admitted was not available.


Begins Patient Care in Timely Manner:n/a *

Teaches Patients or Family About their Drugs:n/a *

Checks Patients Risk of Falling:n/a *

Checks Patient For Depression:n/a *

Checks on Patients Flu Shot:n/a *

Checks on Patients Pneumonia Shot:n/a *

Foot Care For Diabetes Patients:n/a *

Checks Patients For Pain:n/a *

Treats Patients Pain:n/a *

Treats Heart Failure Symptoms:n/a *

Took Doctor Ordered Action to Prevent Bed Sores:n/a *


Included Treatments to Prevent Bed Sores:n/a *

Checked Patients For the Risk of Bed Sores:n/a *

How Often Patients Improved Walking:n/a *

How Often Patients Improved Getting Out of Bed:n/a *

How Often Patients Improved Bathing:n/a *

How Often Patients Had Less Pain Moving Around:n/a *

How Often Patients Breathing Improved:n/a *

How Often Patients Wounds Healed After Operation:


How Often Patients Improved Taking Medication by Mouth:


How Often Patients Had to be Admitted to the Hospital:


How Often Patients Needed Urgent Care From the ER:


* This measure currently does not have data or provider has been certified/recertified for less than 6 months.

Reviews from Patient Surveys

These Franciscan Home Care reviews tell you the opinions of the patients receiving care from agencies that are Medicare-certified. Every participant took the same survey so it is a useful way to compare Franciscan Home Care to other home care agencies. More Info

Patient Surveys:

Home Health Team Gave Care in a Professional Way:n/a *

Communicated Well With them:n/a *

Discussed Medicines Pain & Home Safety:n/a *

Gave their Home Health Agency a Rating of 9 or 10:n/a *


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Completed Surveys:n/a *27,892
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