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Overall Rating 2.4 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    I will say that the Frye Medical Center ER department needs to greatly work on their customer service skills. My mom brought me to Frye Medical Center ER on 7-13-17 due to having an active miscarriage and was concerned my body wouldn't pass all the tissue on its own (I'm from out of town and my OBGYN appointment wasn't until 7-25-17). I had went to an ER in Virginia the day before (7-12-17) and found out I had a blighted ovum and a missed abortion (fetal pole stopped developing at 6 weeks 2 days and my body failed to see I was no longer carrying a viable pregnancy until almost 7 weeks later). The ER in Virginia didn't bother doing a D&C while I was there. When my mom had brought me into the Frye ER, they were in no major rush to try to get me back there (they could even see I was in an immense amount of pain). The triage nurse did not know what a blighted ovum was and even had to look up how to spell it on her phone in front of me and my mom. My mom asked the front desk several times how long it was going to be until I was brought back, and it wasn't until I started bleeding (I had started to pass a bunch of tissue) all over a white chair in the waiting room for them to get things in motion. After I got into a room, I didn't see much out of my assigned nurse and the ER doctor. The assigned nurse blew out 3 of my veins trying to get an IV in. After shift change, another nurse managed to get an IV in after 1 try. The pad I was also laying on was not changed much (I passed a lot of tissue and the sac onto the pad). I was sent up to ultrasound to have a vaginal ultrasound done to see if I had any tissue left. After the ultrasound was done, I was left up there for what felt like a good 20 or so minutes before I was brought back down to the ER. The ER doctor said it looked like everything had passed on its own going based off of the ultrasound. My mom had mentioned to him that with her last miscarriage, the ER she had went to had told her she passed everything and she ended up hemorrhaging due to them not double checking (you can bleed heavily and get a serious infection if the tissue and sac/placenta are not cleared out entirely). The ER doctor ended up doing another vaginal exam and found that I still, in fact, had tissue and the placenta in my cervix/uterus. He couldn't even tell if it was the placenta or sac that was in my cervix at that point (I knew it had to have been the placenta because I had seen the sac earlier when it had passed). He decided to call the on-call gynecologist to set up a D&C. A lady came in to get my medical history and surgery history for the anesthesiologist while I was still in the ER. The lady was extremely rude and told my mom she had to come over and fill out the paperwork for me, even though I was capable of filling it out on my own. The nurses and doctors/surgeons up in same day surgery were far nicer and treated me far better. My mom even said that if she has to go to the ER in the future, she refuses to go to Frye due to everything that happened to me.

  • ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago

    Frye hospital is super bad not only was my boyfriend and his grandma and mother were in a bad accident they literally left him in the waiting room with a concussion, broken ribs, and cracked sternum. I wanted to raise hell so bad it's ridiculous and I hate to say this most hospitals like that is a place you just go to die at they don't care at all employees suck and more importantly I hate their attitudes.

  • ★★★★★ a month ago

    My Dr.and his nurses were very kind and caring. They understood my pain , my fear and did everything thing they could do and never once dismissed me. Even though I was there 3times in 2 1/2 weeks they took me seriously and made sure to check everything out and explained everything clearly. I recommend Frye to all people that need quality healthcare and to stay far far way from CVMC! Although CVMC CLINICS are great. But the hospital ER is a nightmare and dangerous.

  • ★★★★★ a month ago

    John Wallace should be fired: rude condescending abusive to patients berates people who are injured and need medical care. Because of his lack of help I had to go to the ER 5 times in a week because of a serious lumbar issue that felt like my back was broken. He refused to give me adequate blood pressure medicine and my bp was 189 over 116 after following his orders to take one 25 mg metopropolol ... luckily I made an appointment with a doctor and had some medication left that reduced my blood pressure just In time before having a heart attack. Patrisha Johnson is a c*nt and should have been fired too but they dont care if their staff abuses patients, she's nasty negative mean hostile abusive mocked my concerns about my back which I've had a few issues scared about my back injury was more severe each time ... calling me CRAZY. The first time I was there I was not even able to stand or walk I would have had to be brought up in a stretcher by EMTs...I happened to have an old prescription of Vicodin I ended up having to take two to be able to get up and walk to the hospital the pain was excruciating the jerk was BEYOND DISMISSIVE ABUSIVE basically refused to treat me saying nasty things to me because I had to take what was left from an old prescription to get there...if I took an old prescription that by default means I don't take them you rude idiot. All the times I've come there I never indicate a desire for pills. I could understand if I came up there all the time begging for pills but I never do. Every time but 2 times I have been there my blood pressure is elevated significantly they won't give me anything to lower it except one little pill send me home and nothing to have filled at a pharmacy. I went there once thinking I was about to have a stroke my head was pounding strangely they refused to help me COMPLETELY REFUSED WHEN I KEPT BEGGING FOR HELP OVER AND OVER. My doctor doesn't prescribe certain medications (like narcotics), and the ignorant John Wallace berated me for not going to that doctor for help, when i was in need of immediate help ... I couldn't and frye is close enough I can get to it. John Wallace refused to give me shots in my hip to help alleviate the pain I was in, which was really terrible pain, and I had to walk home in jeopardy of a possible assault, (I have been assaulted many times for no reason even almost getting assaulted in the waiting room of the ER at Frye and the nasty woman behind the glass wouldnt even get security or a police officer to stop the assault and make the girl go to jail, I never even spoke to her she started swinging and kicking at me when I was in two casts and my entire face was black and blue from almost being murdered 3 days prior, that same nasty woman hung up on me when I called begging her to please ask the doctor who treated me to write the prescription because I was in so much pain AND I HAD INITIALLY DECLINED THEM AFTER BEING STABBED MULTIPLE TIMES AND HIT 30 OR 40 TIMES AND HAD 10 LBS OF GLASS SLAMMED IN MY FACE); or inability to actually walk home because he refused to help me again, under prescribes every time, treats people like garbage. John Wallace also knows my dad is a pastor it was easter weekend refused to give me shots to relieve the pain and it took literally 6 days to get medication the shots would have at least alieviated the pain for 2 days. John Wallace thought it was cool to cut off someone's cast who came in after me instead of giving medical care to someone who was in severe pain who was there for hours waiting for help... body locking up in excruciating pain like a full body muscle spasm due to severe anxiety which I tell them every time I go there and they never give me anything for anxiety it got so bad I would wake up in excruciating pain that was like a full body charlie horse but 10x worse ... and yet no help for anxiety or blood pressure meds ... Sometimes a hospital is the only medical care someone can get at the moment and you need to help people who need help not abuse and neglect them.

  • ★★★★★ 4 months ago

    We just recently had our 2nd baby here. We had a totally awesome experience. So much better than the 1st time at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. From the doctors all the way to nutrition and house keeping did a excellent job. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

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