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Overall Rating 2.9 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    Worst hospital ever. Go anywhere else. They completely traumatized me with their lack of a) understanding of their job ((nurse (Tracy) and Dr.)) and b) how to treat sick patients with respect. If that's not a deal breaker, then I hope everything goes well as you check in this horrifying hospital. Don't take the disrespect from anyone. Without YOU they have no hospital funding. Don't let them take your money, health, or time. Support elsewhere.

  • ★★★★★ in the last week

    They need to be investigated. My aunt died today as a direct result of their negligence. The woman who was in the bed next to my aunt also died two weeks before my aunt slipped into a coma. How did she slip into a coma? Easy, because she was unable to get oxygen, which led to brain damage. How was she deprived of oxygen? The tube in her mouth must have been loose of course but who noticed? Why didn't anyone check on her sooner? Hiw was she without oxygen long enough to have brain damage? My aunt was super responsive and about to move to another facility and she fell into this coma the day before her move. This was after they had her in thr bed for one full month before performing a procedure that should have occured by the second week. The other woman who died was just as upbeat as my aunt and then all of a sudden she was slipping away and the nurses apparantly said she was dying anyway and didnt bother to save her. Her family had just seen the woman alive and upbeat and when they returned they were perplexed as to how their family member could be good one minute and gone the next. They even asked my family if they heard/saw anything. This was on the intensive recovery floor. This place needs to be investigated and had we known in advance how poor this place was, we would have sent my aunt to Kings County before placing her now perished life in these people's hands.

  • ★★★★★ 5 months ago

    This place need a big time makeover, it's so stuck back in time. Hallway floors, restroom, paint on the walls need major help. The staff on my mother's floor seem nice, pleasant and friendly. That's why I give them really 2 1/2 stars.

  • ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    PATIENTS & STAFF AT THIS HOSPITAL!! THIS CONCERNS YOU! I arrived at the hospital this evening around 7pm because I was vomiting uncontrollably due to my severe anxiety that was induced with alcohol from that morning. Once the alcohol was gone the vomiting continued for hours(due to anxiety) raising concern. All of the service at this hospital was honorable, that is until I met my nurse, Tracy. I greeted her with a smile calling her by name and everything seemed to turn south from there. The first issue I noticed was her unfriendliness as a nurse. Since I arrived with anxiety, and told her my issues with anxiety, I thought she would be a lot more relaxing and reassuring. From Tracy, all I got was missed information, long wait times(while she sat in a chair, knowing I needed attention), and a constant attitude. (Keep in mind I'm a friendly person who respects the duties of hospital workers). A hostiptal is a safe place. I had other friendly staff...but my nurse, Tracy, completely ruined my experience to get healthy in a safe place where I could get better and go home. After waiting over three hours for my medication(it's 12:00am, I am 19 y/o college student, I run my own business, and I've been here since 7pm) she comes in the room and places a cup of water without a lid on my hospital bed and I reached for it (because I assumed it was mine and I didn't want it to spill on me) she said "Don't touch that" in a cold way that would make one feel discouraged. She continues to check my blood pressure then gives me the medication. As she is distributing it to me I nicely ask I would be getting out of there anytime soon(because of all of my other responsibilities listed above). Tracy's reply was "No I have to say right here and monitor you since you have "anxiety" so bad right??" Just like that. Say it in the most condescending and sarcastic was you can and that's what a NURSE said to their PATIENT. I was flabbergasted and I said "is that really how you, as a nurse, should be speaking to your patient that puts their trust in you? Her response was "that's how you feel". Truly degrading to the face of nurses. My anxiety was diminishing until this incident in which she indirectly said I didn't have anxiety with her sarcastic tone. That made my heart race so fast. Imagine someone saying your not sick when you've been fighting the battle for years. She goes to the desk, in front of my hospital bed, glares at me, then shakes her head. I close the curtains so I could try to get calm and don't have to see her. WORST PART: She comes and literally RIPS my curtains open all the way in a complete temper tantrum, struggling to continue ripping them back until I am fully exposed. This was my turning point. I took off my blood pressure strap, and started getting ready to discharge....Tracy approaches me and says "what are you doing to yourself?" And I said I am ready to be discharged now. She tries to tell me that I cannot leave, almost as if she doesn't know the law and wants to hold me captive. It's my right to get out and I had to take out my own iv and leave. Tracy loves the power that this job gives her to manipulate sick patients into thinking she's the boss on all accounts reguardless of respect or duties assumed by her. It concerns me that she is able to speak on my behalf to doctors to see what is best for me. This RN, Tracy, does not belong in a health care facility. There are so many sweet, caring nurses that would do anything to have the opportunity to make people feel better. To the Doctors or whomever is in charge of your beautiful hospital: please re-evaluate your RN Tracy in reguards to her professional and personal relationships with her patients. As well as the difference between mood and feeling, she was unable to differentiate between the two. -Hanna

  • ★★★★★ 5 months ago

    If you come here with a life or death issue to put it bluntly....You're Dead! The wait here is beyond ridiculous. I went in for a routine procedure and have been here 8 1/2hrs and still probably a good 3hrs from leaving. Grossly understaffed and the workers do nothing to keep you in the loop. You are truly all alone here at this place. A splinter or skinned knee sure...A heart issue or stroke you better keep going or this will be the last place you ever see.

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