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About C. C. Young

C. C. Young is a non-profit, premier senior living community located on a 20-acre wooded campus near the north shores of the beautiful White Rock Lake in East Dallas. Since 1922, we've been dedicated to helping seniors enjoy an active, fulfilling lifestyle and providing personalized care and support.
We offer a wealth of living options and services, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Services, Home Health, Hospice, Wellness, Rehabilitation and Educational Programs at our Dallas community. Plus, through our collaboration with over 60 area and national organizations, we have enhanced our programs and services so that each individual can grow in body, mind and spirit, no matter their life's circumstance or limitations.


C. C. Young
C. C. Young


Overall Rating 3.0 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • ★★★★★ 3 months ago

    I have a 98 year old friend that came to CC Young into independent living. That was really nice. Then during an ice storm she fell in her apartment and was unable to get to the phone and she did not have her life alert on. After not being able to reach her for a day and a half I called the main number for CC Young. They sent someone right over. My friend had broken her hip. After she was released from rehab she had to enter skilled nursing as she is now unable to walk. There are a few really good aids and nurses there but not many. I have hit the call nurse button on many occasions and waited 20 minutes before I left the room to go find an aid. I came one day and she has been placed on the toilet for a very long time and was hanging on to a rail trying not to fall off. I immoderately ran to get an aid and was told that was not her room but she would find someone to help and she was agitated that I even asked her. The night shift gets the out of bed and dressed way to early in the morning before the day shift comes on and sits them in their wheel chairs. I know that a lot of this is because the aids and nurses are so over worked there. The families help out a lot... which when paying almost 9K a month that should not be the case. Turn over is high. I moved my friend into a facility and she pays half the price of what she was paying at CC Young and the difference in quality of service is amazing!! It is up beat and happy. There is more than enough staff. One of out church members came up last week who also use to visit at CC Young and was shocked at the difference. She said this is the type of atmosphere she would want to be in. I'm thankful to Robby Blakely for his assistance the entire time my friend was there. CC Young served it's purpose. I have never had to deal with skilled nursing facilities until this. My best advice to anyone looking to put a loved on in skilled nursing is do your research. Paying 9K a month does not mean that you are going to get the best care. We are paying 1/2 that now and the care is so much better. The rave reviews you see on the sites are people that are NOT living in skilled nursing. They d have some really beautiful independent living apartments but this is not the same and skilled nursing.

  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    minor flaws have gotten 4 cnas and counting fired. I only been here for a month and already was applying to work elsewhere. I applied for overnight building LPE if your offered this say NO. We were all told that we would get 5 to at most 6 residents each, so that residents can get better care, no lifting here....all the wonderful things you wanna hear. Even a few agency aides have walked out and some never came back because it's too much. I was placed in long term care...which is fine. Problem was I got more then 5-6 residents. Sometimes 12-14. Night shift it's only YOU and one other aide. Your expected to do lifting after all. They want rounds every two hours...when they told me and the group let residents sleep...a new tune once you hit the floor. You are expected to brush residents teeth, get them dressed which is hard since many are total (family don't usually bring clothes that are easy to put on, fix their hair, socks, shoes ect. many are back would be hurting every yes I started looking elsewhere even looked into working for Kroger just to protect whats left of my back. I even went to see a disability specialist because I started feeling handicap myself here due to lifting and trying to help residents when it's me and another aide....that's it. I have lots of experience with long term, but never worked this under staffed daily. Picture if they had a total of four like the day and mid shift??!?!? Residents don't always sleep, so they assume night shift theres nothing to do. Prn or agency....trying to tell ya. Anyway as I type this I'm on suspension and have no plans on returning lol. I was suppose to meet the DON yesterday aka Monday to speak to her, but I stayed home and know something that will better my life. Let me tell you what happened to's comical. Ok I'm night shift and myself and the other aide have to get up 7 residents total. As more residents come I was told right now we have it good...meaning we will be getting up even more residents to dress up like there headed to a concert or a casual visit to the Park. Anyway when I first started. I noticed this day shift aide who day shift nicknamed star...... fitting because stars never last since the lifespan of a actual star is long, but never lasts forever since one day they shut off and fizzle out themselves. I kept a distance from her and never said good morning because I could tell she was trouble. Every morning she would walk in with loud lipstick color which is usually purple (I sense green is next) I have seen people try this color and come off as creative, playful , kind people, but Star wore it differently. She also came EVERY morning smacking her gum nice and hard with her right hand on her hip some mornings. When I first saw her I thought of the movie Baps starring Halle Berry and her best friend in the movie. So I kept my distance. Anyway the DON now wants us to stay a EXTRA 15 minutes for day shift. Well Bap/Star is day time shift...aka FOUR CNAS meaning they get 5-6 residents plus they have a lead aide!!! If if mid shift wants them to do a round it wouldn't take day shift long to do! Also mid shift cool and likely don't even bother day shift for a round. Star/Bap wanted to be lazy and this is a 24/7 care place meaning If I change a resident 1 hour a ago then that's fine. No star/Bap wanted me to do a round for ALL these residents when I been here all night and tired. We also get more residents then them!!!!!! Due to my refusal to do a round, so Bap/star can be lazy and due to not obeying the lead aide I was placed on suspension by DON when I tried to get in touch with DON with my concerns for over a week and a half!!!!! cheap to hire more cnas overnight on that floor & sorry lead aide Kimberly & lazy star.

  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    Racist set of nurses , lazy CNAs and lpn's Nonchalant management. Once you are not a white they must bully you and make sure you loose your job. Don't waste your time appling to work here. You are about to experience one of the dangeriouse nitemares of your life. Run!???

  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago

    I worked here 1 month and 1 week. It was a "Nightmare Experience!" Due to being bullied, I transferred to another building and it was WORSE!!!! A CNA Y'Keisha was allowed to "sit" mist of her 8 hrs and on a day she had off I cared for the residents on her hall. I gave care to a sweet woman who had an awful looking "Sore" that was left unattended by Y'Keisha, from lack of CARE. Then Theresa in payroll didn't pay Me overtime I had worked. Larry denied that it was worked and owed to Me! DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE *

  • ★★★★★ 5 months ago

    I love working here for cc young. We do all we can to meet our clients needs we love caring for our seniors. I most definitely will recommend this place.

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